What my clients say!

I can’t speak highly enough about Ellie.

I’ve known Ellie for over a decade where she’s been my coach and mentor 4 times. The fact I come back to her each time I enter a new wave of personal development is testament to the impact she has had on my growth, health and fitness.

She has the ability to make you believe in yourself, that you can achieve the goals by taking small steps. She is patient when I am constantly complaining of how hard a workout is, that I'm struggling, I can’t make it to the next set. She doesn’t give up on you and keeps pushing you slowly by slowly until you get to the finish line. Just when you’re about to give up her voice of encouragement gives you that little bit of an extra boost that takes you over that hump. This is the key. She helps you break those plateaus time and time again getting you to the new personal bests whether that be higher weights, nutrition changes or lifestyle blocks.

She is a kind, gentle soul but is equally as thorough and regimented with her workouts. She spends a lot of time creating unique plans tailored to your progress adding a little extra weight to challenge you each time, you don’t even realise you’re progressing! Its so much fun. I can’t speak highly enough about Ellie. If you don’t know where to start and your goal seems impossible to achieve, start with Ellie. She will empower you to believe nothing is impossible.

Rakhee Vohra,

Ellie is simply awesome

I approached Ellie as I needed some help getting through a really difficult period of my life. I wanted to regain my fitness levels and feel a bit happier. Ellie is simply awesome; she is motivating and helps you to challenge yourself. Above all else Ellie has given me confidence through her encouragement to the extent now when I’m in a difficult spot I hear her telling me, “You’ve got this”.

Ellie is personable and always stayed in touch. Fantastic service would highly recommend!  

Neil Glover,
Abbotts Bromley

firm but fair' approach

I had been dabbling with various exercise regimes over the years and although I am quite sporty and play some netball and hockey, I was struggling to lose weight and get toned. When my now husband proposed to me, I knew I wanted to look good and feel good about myself on the big day (who doesn’t?!) So a change of approach was desperately needed!

I found an advert for Vida Fitness and gave them a call. From the moment I met Ellie I knew her 'firm but fair' approach would work for me and her friendly and professional manner make her a pleasure to work with. Ellie is great at developing a routine to suit your needs and goals and is always encouraging and positive. Even when we are out in the pouring rain!!

With her help, guidance and varied sessions I managed to lose a stone for my wedding day, tone up and feel great = objective complete! I have a completely different view of training (I actually quite look forward to it!) now that I know I can achieve results and I would recommend to anyone to give Ellie a call.

You won't regret it!

Leanne Moffat,

Now there's no stopping me!

I started working with Ellie when I wanted to start getting fit again. I wanted to learn how to exercise outside, running and making the most of the surrounding park etc. I was not fit and so wanted someone who would be firm but that wasn't a Sargent Major at a bootcamp drill!! I liked Ellie's approach; she has great knowledge and experience in so many areas. She moved at my pace yet motivated me to do more. She encouraged and praised my progress, updating and reminding me on how far I had come along the way and was never overbearing or prescriptive. Once a goal was achieved, she would encourage me to aim for something else. Just when I would think I was getting bored she'd come back with new things to try and was very intuitive with my needs. I have Ellie to thank for really getting my fitness engine moving again and now there's no stopping me!

Fiona Warwick,

Highly recommend her to anyone!  

Ellie is a fantastic trainer and coach; I would go as far as saying the best out there. She is positive, well informed and enthusiastic. I've been lucky enough to train with Ellie face to face and now online (purely due to distance). I can say I honestly, I get just as much out of our online sessions as I did face to face. Ellie is conscientious and has been able to alter sessions on the spot when she can see I’m more energised or not.

She is great at providing alternative exercises when I have an injuries or strains, always making sure I warm up and cool down effectively or completely rest when needed (which may mean missing a week or two of sessions). We have worked out in gym, outdoor and small indoor spaces with no equipment, this is never a problem for Ellie as she has an arsenal of body weight exercises which I can assure you (after many mornings of aches) do just the job!

Ellie is more than a fantastic PT she's helped with my nutrition and checks in on my mental wellbeing as well. If you train with Ellie you will quickly gain a new friend! Overall, Ellie is a brilliant holistic trainer and I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone!

Giverny Sanders,
Abbots Bromley
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